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This is good because Carreon takes our thinking into spheres far from the kow towing and blind faith that is current in Buddhist circles and which, as for that, goes so against the grain of Buddhism's real faith that is not to treat people like gods, as the Dalai Lama and all kinds of others are done. Just look at the flattery and veneration dealt out to politicals bums in the West that are - once elected - treated as gods too. Now, I'd remark to Carreon that it's representatives the Dalais being murdered, doesn't necessarily mark the rot of an institution.

In Western political history, the kings of say France, had a checkered history of deceit, killing and evincing each other, that is not different from that of Tibet. That Tibet avoided national-level wars during this time is a tribute to it's Buddhist nature and the Dalai Lamas may well have been the sacrificial lambs offered up to settle differences. And thus avoid blood-shed outside, but that's another story in itself The Dalais heralded a long period of spreading and cultivating Buddhism in a grandiose fashion that's unique in history - all the more so as it was also basically Tantric Buddhism - which is properly rare.

But Carreon's approach is unique in that it puts things in perspective; a perspective which the blind-cultish following of Tibetan Buddhism has incredibly blotted out of peoples' thinking. In Tibet, critique of other sects was as he shows , much more active and forthcoming than what one now sees in the West. The only critique that seems to be appearing nowadays, - apart from people like Charles -, comes from people in India that perpetuate the hard-core critique of the institutions, from the inside, and don't hold back in such, at all.

Here's more of the insider view of the rot of Tibetan systems as Carreon collects and collates on his site one should not detract though from an equalizing view that sees that corruption is just as rife in the West or anywhere where the scandals behind the Wategate or the critique of Clinton on falsely virtuous All in all, it's unquestionable that Tibetan politics and ruling systems - were not modern and not in holding with the traditions The downfall of things Tibetan in their old form and the need to renew that under a renovated Kalachakra form, is predicted in the Kalachakra Tantra.

Is this the heralding of it? God is dead: but man being the way he is for centuries to come there will be caves in which his shadow is shown and we, we must also triumph over his shadow. Friedrich Nietzsche The practice and philosophy of Buddhism has spread so rapidly throughout the Western world in the past 30 years and has so often been a topic in the media that by now anybody who is interested in cultural affairs has formed some sort of concept of Buddhism.

In the conventional? The meditation, compassion, composure, understanding, nonviolence, modesty, and spirituality of Asia stand in contrast to the actionism, egomania, unrest, indoctrination, violence, arrogance, and materialism of Europe and North America. Ex oriente lux?? We regard this juxtaposition of the Eastern and Western hemispheres as not just the?

On the contrary, this comparison of values has become distributed among Western intelligentsia as a popular philosophical speculation in which they flirt with their own demise. But the cream of Hollywood also gladly and openly confess their allegiance to the teachings of Buddhism or what they understand these to be , especially when these come from the mouths of Tibetan lamas.

Tibet is looming larger than ever on the show business map,? Tibet is going to enter the Western popular culture as something can only when Hollywood does the entertainment injection into the world system. Herald Tribune, March 20, , pp. Hollywood connection? Since he [the Dalai Lama] doesn? Hollywood is a kind of country in his own, and he? Newsweek, May 19, , p. In Buddhism more and more show-business celebrities believe they have discovered a message of salvation that can at last bring the world peace and tranquility. In connection with his most recent film about the young Dalai Lama Kundun , the director Martin Scorsese, more known for the violence of his films, emotionally declared:?

Violence is not the answer, it doesn? We are at the end of the worst century in which the greatest atrocities in the history of the world have occurred The nature of human beings must change. We must cultivate love and compassion? The karate hero Steven Segal, who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama, tells us,?

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I have been a Buddhist for twenty years and since then have lived in harmony with myself and the world? Bunte, November 6, , p. Helmut Thoma, former head of the private German television company RTL, is no less positive about this Eastern religion:? Buddhists treat each other in a friendly, well-meaning and compassionate way.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

They see no difference between their own suffering and that of others. I admire that?

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Actress Christine Kaufmann has also enthused,? In Buddhism the maxim is: enjoy the phases of happiness for these are transitory? The press is no less euphoric. The German magazine Bunte has praised Buddhism has no moral teachings, enjoins us to happiness, supports winners, has in contrast to other religions an unblemished past "no skeletons in the closet? What has already become the myth of the? Buddhization of the West? Monks, scholars, enthusiastic followers, generous sponsors, occultists, hippies, and all sorts of?

Eastern trippers? Timeless, gigantic, respectful, tolerant, patient, modest, simple, full of humor, warm, gentle, lithe, earthy, harmonious, transparent, pure, and always smiling and laughing? There is no positive human characteristic which has not at one time or another been applied to the Dalai Lama. For many of the planet? Many believe they have discovered in the straightforward personality of this Buddhist monk all the rare qualities of a gracious and trustworthy character that we seek in vain among our Western politicians and church leaders.

In a world full of evil, materialism, and corruption he represents goodwill, the realm of the spirit, and the lotus blossom of purity; amidst the maelstrom of trivialities and confusion he stands for meaning, calm, and stability; in the competitive struggle of modern capitalism and in an age where reports of catastrophes are constant he is the guarantor of justice and a clear and unshaken will; from the thick of the battle of cultures and peoples he emerges as the apostle of peace; amidst a global outbreak of religious fanaticism he preaches tolerance and nonviolence.

His followers worship him as a deity, a? Kundun , and call him their?

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  6. Not even the Catholic popes or medieval emperors ever claimed such a high spiritual position? Lord of Lords? God as his supreme servants. The Dalai Lama, however? In some circles, enormous hopes are placed in the Kundun as the new Redeemer himself. Many who have met him believe they have encountered the supernatural. In the case of the?

    The esoteric pathos in the characterization of the Dalai Lama has long since transcended the boundaries of Buddhist insider groups. It is the famous show business personalities and even articles in the? Western press who now express the mystic flair of the Kundun in weighty exclamations:?

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    The fascination is the search for the third eye? Americans are hoping for some sort of magical door into the mystical, thinking that there? Tibet offers the most extravagant expression of the mystical, and when people meet His Holiness, you can see on their faces that they? Herald Tribune, March 20, It is precisely this fascinating combination of the supreme? With his constantly repeated statement? We can believe in such a person, we can find refuge in him, from him we learn about the wisdom of life and death.

    Perhaps it would really be good if I were the last!? Levenson, , p. Such admissions of his own superfluity bring tears to people? In the wake of such heartrending prophecies no-one would wish for anything more than that the institution of the Dalai Lama might last for ever. The political impotence of the country the hierarch had to flee has a similarly powerful and disturbing effect. The image of the innocent, peaceful, spiritual, defenseless, and tiny Tibet, suppressed and humiliated by the merciless, inhumane, and materialistic Chinese giant has elevated the?

    Land of Snows?

    Chögyam Trungpa: Complete speech from Zeitgeist: The Movie

    The more Tibet and its? He has succeeded in the impossible task of drawing strength from his weakness. The numerous speeches of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, his interviews, statements, writings, biographies, books, and his countless introductions and forewords to the texts of others deal almost exclusively with topics like compassion, kindness, sincerity, love, nonviolence, human rights, ecological visions, professions of democracy, religious tolerance, inner and outer spirituality, the blessings of science, world peace, and so on.

    It would take a true villain to not agree totally with what he has said and written. Training consciousness, achieving spiritual peace, cultivating inner contentment, fostering satisfaction, practicing awareness, eliminating egoism, helping others? Who doesn? Within Western civilization, the Dalai Lama appears as the purest light. He represents? By now he symbolizes human dignity and global responsibility for millions. But then, out of the blue in , dark clouds began to gather over the bright aura of the? Charges, accusations, suspicions and incriminations began to appear in the media.