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Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. La Ultima Noche Del Titanic espagnol. Rated: Unrated. DVD "Please retry". Territories, Canada, and Bermuda. I'm serious, it's just these mice talking about safety for like five minutes! It got worse as the movie went on. You'd think I'd be happy because such an awful film would be ending soon, but it just dragged on more and more. I was thinking that they could have at least have it be a tad realistic by showing at least the talking octopus and electrocuted mouse dying.

Nope, they survive with everyone else! The mouse that narrates the story claims that he knows what really happened to the Titanic. Yeah, apparently the newspapers and history books somehow covered it up that everyone survived! This is insane. Why would anyone even do this? We see all the people living, even the captain! How could the information possibly get misinterpreted like that?! Now, the mouse's wife does say that he's exaggerating, so I guess I can give the film that?

It's still the worst animated movie I've ever seen. The voices in this film are horrendous. It was originally made in Italian, so I guess I could blame some of this on the dubbing, but it's still terrible. We see dolphins that are flying around because of magic moon beams!

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This is easily a knockoff of the "Titanic" movie. That happens to be my brother's favorite movie. I doubt he'd like this! Knockoff products are rarely, if ever, good. It's just an attempt to cash in on the success of better movies. It has the same plot with the rich woman not wanting to marry someone. It's weird how people say the movie doesn't hold up. Of course, any film would be great compared to this. This seemed longer than the actual Titanic movie. As Roger Ebert says, a good movie is never long enough and a bad one is never short enough. These two films show that wonderfully.

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Half a star. MartinHafer 6 January In some ways, I am very surprised since it's not a particularly famous bad film and there were a lot of animated films in the s which had just as terrible animation! Still, I do concede that it's a bad film The film begins with a grandpa mouse telling his grandkids his story about the Titanic. Oddly, then the film switches to the perspective of all the humans! What follows is a bizarro story of evil sharks and a scheme to destroy the whales?!

Let's talk about what I really liked about the film Okay, finished. Okay, now let's talk about what I didn't like. The animation was very poor, with a very low cel count making the characters move in a choppy fashion and often only animated small portions of the characters in an effort to make the film less expensive.

So, often the characters expressions were flat and a bit zombie-like. Also, to save money, bad CGI was sometimes used that looked so stunningly different from the other animation that I was a bit surprised. This sure ain't a Disney product! In many ways, it's akin to the cheaper Hanna-Barbera films of decades ago. The story was just bizarre and stupid The voices used were occasionally not terrible. As for the music, it was odd to hear so much cheap electronic music made using a keyboard for a film set in So my final verdict is that I did hate the film.

But I still wonder how it made it to the Bottom list. After all, there have been a lot of crappy cartoons such as "Pinocchio in Outer Space" I'd like to understand this TheUnknown 11 December One of the often-debated theories among film critics is whether artistry can make up for the most extreme of subject matter.

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The 'extreme' being the degree to which a film can be seemingly tasteless or have a potential left of moral offense. It's a good enough theory, but a movie like "The Legend of the Titanic" really forces one to reconsider their perception on it.

This could very well be the worst movie of its kind. Production-wise, it's just mediocre and flat, but its immoral and mindless attitude toward one of the most infamous disasters in human history strikes like a hammer blow to the head. Again and again and again. The movie was made in Italy just a year after James Cameron's mega-blockbuster "Titanic" hit big screen there. With a film with that mush fiscal success, it was not surprise that an array of rip-offs and cinematic plunderers would appear on the horizon.


But who would have ever imagined that a picture like "The Legend of the Titanic" would ever work. The movie is not live-action like Mr. Cameron's film or the marvelous s picture "A Night to Remember.

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Now this picture is charting itself into an ocean full of cinematic icebergs, but it is the way that the screenplay is written and the horrifyingly amoral ideas are played out that much it such an unredeemed fiasco. Not only does it borrow heavily from James Cameron's film, but practically every Disney production featuring a talking animal over the last five decades.

The central characters are not people aboard the RMS Titanic, but talking mice. According to a grandfather mouse who survived the sinking of the ship, the stories of people drowning in the icy waters of the North Atlantic was all a cover-up; that not a life was lost at all in Most of it is told in flashback where'd that come from, huh? The biggest sin of the picture is the rewriting of a tragic event. The only possible thing that I can imagine was running through the screenwriters' heads was not to make a depressing, sad movie for children to see.

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But that goes back to my point that an animated movie about the Titanic disaster was an iffy premise to begin with. But even if we can forgive it for trying to make children forget that more than a thousand people lost their lives in a single night so many years ago, surely we cannot when it tries to develop a plot using dopey methods such as mice being infatuated with human females, dolphins that learn to talk when a human tear touches their nose with a healthy dose of "magic moon-beams" attached , a chaste love story where the two lovers discover they're meant to be together after dancing for half a minute, and the inclusion of sharks and a giant octopus propelling an iceberg into the path of the ship.

And when, for a second, it tries to treat the disaster head-on, the picture chooses to laugh it away in the very next scene. And it is not very far along before one realizes that it's far more concerned about protection of whales than it is about honoring a historical tragedy. However, even if the RMS Titanic story was just a fairytale as this movie would like us to believe, "The Legend of the Titanic" would still be a disaster. That theory of redeeming subject matter requires artistry and there is none to be found.

The animation is flat, uninspired, and marred with an interruption of hand-drawn images with computer-generated sweep-overs of the ship which I am certain were pulled from a Titanic documentary. The dubbing for the English-language print is dreadful.

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Voice work is flimsy and oftentimes a vocal will be heard when an animated character's mouth is clearly buttoned up. It's almost as if "The Legend of the Titanic" wanted to infuriate and offend its audience. What's more horrifying is that lots of people went to see the movie in its home country and that it was followed by a loose remake, also about talking animals and the sinking of the ship, called "Titanic: The Legend Goes On One thing many of us would like to do would be to sit in on a meeting where a project like this gets greenlit. Because I can't imagine why anybody thought that an animated movie about the sinking of the RMS Titanic was a good idea.

Machiavelli84 28 January You have to stop and think to yourself - how do you make a children's movie about the RMS Titanic?

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How do you take one of the most tragic events in history - the sinking of a major ocean liner which left people, more than two thirds the passengers, dead - and make it applicable to children? You have two options: 1 handle the subject matter in a mature and tasteful way think Bambi's mother dying ; 2 completely change everything about the topic matter and make it happier, albeit at the cost of your script's dignity. Guess what this movie does? You'll see. The movie starts out with an old mouse being asked by his grandchildren about the Titanic, leading into the story line of the movie proper.

The central story is about a young rich woman who is being compelled to marry a man she doesn't love, but falls for another man she meets on the Titanic, who spends his time hanging out with the people down in steerage. Sound familiar? In fact, there's a scene at the beginning where the girl steps out of a car and lifts up her head, looking out from under a huge hat at the ship - sound familiar again?