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Human gastrointestinal microbiota

In other fields, such as vaccine and biologics manufacturing, new integrated and portable systems have substantially reduced the cost of goods. In the food industry, microbial consortia are commonly manufactured at scale within fermented products such as yogurt and kombucha. In wastewater treatment, sludge reactors can stably host a high degree of microbial diversity.

Wholly new manufacturing strategies that take into account the underlying biology and ecology of gut microbial communities could yield substantial advances in the arena.

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This call for proposals seeks fundamentally new strategies for manufacturing gut microbial biotherapeutics to achieve manufacturing efficiency and cost reductions necessary for global health applications. We are particularly open to high risk, unproven concepts that could yield novel systems. We also encourage approaches that may be carried out in low- and middle- income countries LMIC and proposers currently working in these settings. Strategies could include but are certainly not limited to or constrained by the following ideas:.

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Proposals should specifically detail how they will demonstrate a prototype process operating at lab-scale or greater enabling the manufacture of a diverse health-associated gut microbiota as may be expected in a live biotherapeutic product , specifically 1 production of at least 10 distinct strains derived from the healthy human gut 2 including at least two strains from the Firmicutes phylum of which at least one strain is highly oxygen-sensitive, at least two strains from the Bacteroidetes phylum and at least two strains from the Actinobacteria phylum.

These strains could be obtained from commercial culture collections i.

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It is likely that growth of multiple strains together simultaneously may be required for efficiency although other strategies can be pursued. In addition, proposals should include how they will address all the following three key criteria:.

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You are here Home Challenges. Print link Print. The Opportunity Recent research has demonstrated that the clinical outcomes of undernutrition in infants are associated with gut dysfunction as well as altered gut microbiota with reduced diversity. Jessica and Katharine are interviewed by Goggles Optional hosts Trisha, Alex, Alisa, and David about the gut microbiota and the results from their Nature paper about how pathogens capitalize on the disturbed gut microbiota after antibiotic treatment.

The living gut: an introduction to micro-organisms in nutrition.

A horizontal gene transfer event 40, years ago allows strains of B. An event that, today, may not be possible. Toggle navigation The Sonnenburg Lab. Research People Press Publications Gallery.

source Gut bust: Intestinal microbes in peril. Center launched to explore, exploit human microbiome. Op-Ed: The extinction inside our guts. Fibre and the microbiome.

Don't wash your hands! A bit of dirt is good for you. Is it all in your gut? To be healthy, take care of your microbiome.