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The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign. The first, Susan, was given to her as an 18th-birthday present in It has been reported that Susan accompanied the Queen on her honeymoon — to Broadlands, Hampshire, and Birkhall on the Balmoral Estate — in Many of the corgis since owned by the Queen were direct descendants from Susan.

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The Queen: A Life in Brief

The first ship Elizabeth launched as queen, on 16 April , was the Britannia , which was also from Clydebank. Other ships launched by the Queen include Elizabeth 2 in , and Queen Mary 2 in For a bill to become an act of law, it must first be passed by both the houses of Lords and Commons, and then receive royal assent from the Queen.

The queen has, over the course of her reign, held regular evening meetings with 12 British prime ministers: Winston Churchill —55 ; Sir Anthony Eden —57 ; Harold Macmillan —63 ; Sir Alec Douglas-Home —64 and Harold Wilson —70 and — The tradition continued with the last prime minister, David Cameron — — the pair usually met on a Wednesday evening.

She is also the oldest monarch to have celebrated a Golden Jubilee in at the age of 76 — the youngest was James VI and I, at the age of Elizabeth was also the first British monarch to celebrate her diamond wedding anniversary, on 20 November , and her platinum wedding anniversary on 20 November Only five other kings and queens in British history have reigned for 50 years or more. To read a profile of Queen Elizabeth, click here. In the first decade of her reign, Elizabeth settled into her role as queen, developing a close bond with Prime Minister Winston Churchill the first of 13 prime ministers she would work with during her reign , weathering a foreign affairs disaster in the Suez Crisis of and making numerous state trips abroad.

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In response to pointed criticism in the press, the queen embraced steps to modernize her own image and that of the monarchy, including televising her annual Christmas broadcast for the first time in Elizabeth and Philip had two more children, Andrew born and Edward born In , Charles was formally invested as the Prince of Wales , marking his coming of age and the beginning of what would be a long period as king-in-waiting.

Always a vigorous traveler, she kept a punishing schedule to mark the occasion, traveling some 56, miles around the Commonwealth, including the island nations Fiji and Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, the British West Indies and Canada.

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Though the couple soon welcomed two sons, William and Harry , their marriage quickly imploded, causing considerable public embarrassment for the queen and the entire royal family. A fire also broke out at Windsor Castle that same year, and amid public outcry over the use of government funds to restore the royal residence, Queen Elizabeth agreed to pay taxes on her private income.

This was not required by British law, though some earlier monarchs had done so as well. In another modernizing measure, she also agreed to open the state rooms at Buckingham Palace to the public for an admission fee when she was not in residence. After Charles and Diana divorced in , Diana remained incredibly popular with the British and international public.

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In her seventh decade on the throne, Queen Elizabeth presided over the pomp and circumstance of another royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, that of Prince William to Catherine Middleton in April That same year, the royal couple celebrated 70 years of marriage, making theirs the longest union in the history of the British monarchy. At the center of it all is the queen herself, who celebrated her own 90th birthday in but shows few signs of slowing down.

She continues to follow much the same schedule as she has for the entirety of her reign, including official work, public appearances and plenty of time outside with her beloved dogs and horses. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Heinrich, a retired entomology professor from the University of Vermont, is probably best known for his popular books on ravens.

As a youth, he wanted to study them but said he was advised never to study an animal smarter than himself.

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Still, he has found that insects are pretty smart too. He points out that Bombus has been evolving for some million years since it broke from its wasp-like ancestors, compared to only two million years that humans have been on the scene. About fifty species are found in all kinds of habitats across the U.

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These are important features for B. She has eggs to lay and the eggs must hatch out their larvae, which in turn must grow, pupate, and develop into adults.

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With time for only a couple of broods, she must also lay very large egg clutches. All this takes prodigious amounts of energy so she visits the early flowers, like the louseworts, the avens, and the willow catkins, pollinating as she goes. Heinrich said she gravitates towards flowers with multiple blooms where she can walk around and cool down a bit. She also seeks out nectar-heavy flowers. His studies show she burns a little hotter for them.